I was born in Kecskemét, Hungary in 1978. I got a chess set from my maternal grand father around age 6. My step father taught me the moves. Nearly every week end I was at my other grandpar ent's house play ing chess with my grand father. When I lost, I usually cried.

At age seven, I had a chess course in school. The teacher noticed my talent and invited me to train at the local chess club. There I had two group train ing sessions weekly. Each lasted two hours. One hour of study and one hour of 5-minute games with the other children. This lasted until around age four teen. From age ten to twenty I won many junior championships. I was cham pion of my city and county at various times.

I played in the Hungarian top team league at age twelve in my home town. I changed to team Miskolc at age fifteen and won the Hungarian team championship five times. When I was eighteen, I moved to Miskolc. My new trainer, Tibor Karolyi, helped me to become an international master at age eighteen and Hungarian junior champion at age twenty.

I began to teach children and play for the team as my full time profession. I gave individual lessons, group lessons to the 2nd team, and lectures in schools. From age eighteen, I played only a few tourna­ments and concentrated on teaching.

In 2001 I became one of the first chess teachers on the net. I gave hundreds of simuls and worked for several internet chess companies, including ICC, World Chess Net work, and USCL. I created teaching videos for I worked full time for between 2006-2009. I resumed se rious chess in September 2009 and started to teach again. I won a closed international master tourney in Bu­dapest in De cem ber 2009.