Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Master tourney round 2: Solid game

Yesterday I played the postponed game from round 2. I played with an international master with black and decided to save energy for the coming games and played a fast draw.

Today I used 1 minute for the daily 5 checkmates. Have a great day! :)

Master tourney round 4: Sicilian blood

Yesterday I played a new idea the Sicilian defense against a young Norwegian player. I wanted to avoid his preparation. He got a good attack. I build up a nice defense on the dark squares, but I overlooked a nice rook sacrifice. He won 2 pawns. I posted a Ne5 strongly. Then he gave back a pawn for the queen exchange. I then started an attack on the queenside and won back another pawn. I entered a rook endgame a pawn up, but his passed pawn was strong enough to keep the balance. We played it out until only the two lone kings remained on the board.


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Master tourney round 3: Fantastic French

Yesterday my opponent played the French defense. I played the exchange variation with the aggressive c4 move to open up the position, because most of the french players like to play closed positions. Soon I got a great position and sacrificed a a bishop to destroy the king position. He moved his king in the center and defended very well. Later he started to counter-attack and won by a nice move.

Today I drew a 70-move game which ended with only kings on the board. He got an advantage in the middlegame. Then I created counterplay and saved the position. In the endgame I may have had some winning chances. I will post the game tomorrow. I used 1 minute for today's 5 checkmates. It was a long day :) I'm going to sleep. See you soon!


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About teaching

This evening I spoke to a friend in Germany. He teaches chess and has many students. He invited me to to teach in Germany. I am thinking about it. I am also available again for online lessons. I had a break because I finished a long term relationship and I was a bit down. I am fine again and ready for new life :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Junior victory, Russian dance

I had a great game with sacrifices in my round 3 game. My opponent won with a pretty move. I will show the game tomorrow. After the game I ate bread from an organic store. I also cooked a potato dish with some red onion. I went to the library to get books on rebuilding my broken life. That's an important goal for me. I will summarize the main ideas in it soon :)

Friday I played a pretty game in the online 45 45 team league. I won a pawn with an in between move. He captured back the pawn, but that opened up a file against his king, which allowed me to win a bishop and the game.

Would you like the services of a professional chess coach? Please send me a message, if you would like to study with me! Have a great day!


I used one minute for five checkmates today. It was a warm-up for my tourney game which will start in 1 hour. I postponed rounds 1 and 2 because I was travelling in the weekend. Today I will play a talented junior from Vietnam. I got up at 5:30 and worked between 7am-1:00pm in the book warehouse. I ate around 10 bananas for lunch. I'll have 20 minutes rest and then go to play. I will report the result when I arrive home and post the game tomorrow. Until that I show the checkmate I liked most today. It had a solid move which created a winning threat. Can you find it?

Have a great day! :)

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Side-file checkmate, training with Alex

We had an around 1 hour long lesson with Alex.

1. First he solved 5 checkmate exercises in around 2 minutes. He was so fast and great! He improves very well, He played 2 long games in this week and won both of them!

2. We analysed one of his games. He played very well the opening and middlegame and got a winning position.

3. We studied about the isolated and double pawns.

4. About pinning and Qh4 check motives if white plays f2-f3.

5. We studied about creating weak squares by pieces exchange when a pawn captures back.

We agreed with him about homeworks:

1. playing a blind game

2. solving at least 1 puzzle daily

3. study examples about weak pawns

4. play at least 2 games in the next week

After the lesson I solved my daily 5 puzzles in about 1 minute. One puzzle I called a side-file checkmate, because it looked similar like the back-rank checkmate but it was on the last file on the board. Is a new name for this type of checkmate? :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Knight checkmate, tourney

I used 2 minutes tody for the 5 checkmates. The last one was a nice queen-knight cooperation. Today will start the tourney, but before the invitation I decided to go to a spiritual conference this weekend. So I asked the tourney director to postpone my weekend games. I travel in minutes and will be back at sunday. See you then!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily checkmate - Queen sacrifice

I used 3 minutes today for the 5 checkmate puzzle. I would like to show the 1st one which was easy and pretty. What do you think? :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daily checkmate - The power of the king

I solved today's 5 puzzles in 1 minute. In this one we can look the great cooperation of the king and rook. The idea of taking away squares instead of direct checks, sometimes we not attack the king, but we attack his available squares to force him to the mating square.

I plan to give checkmates. Again.

I am invited to play in an international master tourney in Budapest at the Hungarian chess federation. It will be a round-robin tourney of 9-11 rounds depending on the number of players. The tourney will start Saturday and we'll play a one round every day. My goal is to play my best chess. The instructive games will be analysed and and shared here. The time control will be 90 minutes/players plus 30 seconds per moves for 40 moves, then 30 minutes and 30 seconds/move for the rest of the game.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Queen-Knight cooperation

I solved my daily 5 puzzles. The first 4 was easy and needed only 1 minute for all of them, then the last one was hard, I used 3 minutes to solve it. So Today I worked 4 minutes on the puzzles.

Can you solve the puzzle which gave me the challenge? :)