Monday, September 6, 2010

Side-file checkmate, training with Alex

We had an around 1 hour long lesson with Alex.

1. First he solved 5 checkmate exercises in around 2 minutes. He was so fast and great! He improves very well, He played 2 long games in this week and won both of them!

2. We analysed one of his games. He played very well the opening and middlegame and got a winning position.

3. We studied about the isolated and double pawns.

4. About pinning and Qh4 check motives if white plays f2-f3.

5. We studied about creating weak squares by pieces exchange when a pawn captures back.

We agreed with him about homeworks:

1. playing a blind game

2. solving at least 1 puzzle daily

3. study examples about weak pawns

4. play at least 2 games in the next week

After the lesson I solved my daily 5 puzzles in about 1 minute. One puzzle I called a side-file checkmate, because it looked similar like the back-rank checkmate but it was on the last file on the board. Is a new name for this type of checkmate? :)

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