Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hard start

Starting rating: 2533
Best rating: 2533
Current rating: 2458
Games played: 10
Overall result: 3.5-6.5
Time used for games: 55 minutes
Puzzles solved: 347
Time used for puzzles: 1 hour 1 minutes
Time used for all studies: 1 hour 1 minutes

I solved other 20 combinations (15-34) from Reinfeld 1001 combinations in 32 minutes. I started to solve combinations yesterday after a very long break and I find it very hard. I try to do it step by step. I try to find the solution and if I did not find in 5 minutes, then I look the solution.

Then I decided to play 30 minutes. I played 28 minutes. Once I waited 2 minutes to get an opponent and I solved a combination.

I continued to lose in the first 2 games. First I faced the Nimzovich defense and we went to scandinavian defense. I got the better position, but then I allowed to open up the h-file, where he mated me.

In the next game I lost again against  the Trompovsky. This time I got an extra pawn and then a winning position, but then I lost on time

After 4 loses I played a mini match of 4 games and won 2.5-1.5 against the 1988 World under-18 champion and 1993 British champion Michael Hennigan International Master.

I gave a pretty checkmate with 2 bishops. I wish you like it too :)

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